Petrophysical interpretation

    • Reduce costs and risks while drilling and completing wells with greater insight into subsurface rock and fluid properties. The PowerLog® suite enables E&P asset teams to locate and evaluate zones in wellbores and provides sophisticated tools to quantify the commercial potential of these intervals. This powerful software can be used anywhere for quick collaboration on important drilling decisions.
    • Why Choose PowerLog
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        Get multi-user/multi-interpreter functionality on a commercial object-oriented database
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        Work on thousands of wells with data located anywhere in the world, as an individual or as part of a team
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        Edit and process data across multiple wells at all levels with easy-to-use software
Add-On Modules
Software add-on modules let you extend PowerLog’s capabilities to meet your specific requirements.
  • Python Extensions
  • StatMin
  • Rock Physics Module
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  • Connect to any open-source distribution of Python and perform in-house advanced processing to save your company time and money.

  • 21DW-SF-243-V1_PL_Add on_StatMin
  • Easily work with data that includes complex and varied minerals. StatMin uses a probabilistic model to calculate lithology, mineralogy, and/or porosity and can easily adapt to the needs of the analyst.

  • 21DW-SF-243-V1_PL_Add on_RPM
  • Build accurate rock physics models from log data and petrophysical interpretation results. RPM has an extensive library of current rock physics models including DEM, Xu-White, grain-supported, matrix-supported, and a host of others along with tables of rock and fluid properties.

Introduced to the oil and gas industry more than 35 years ago, PowerLog has evolved to become one of the most user-friendly yet sophisticated solutions available.
    • Powerful Collaboration
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    • Proven Technology
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    • Robust Data Management
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    • Fast Petrophysical Analysis
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    • Machine and Deep Learning
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    • Customizable and Extensible Petrophysics
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